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It has been demonstrated that a partial repair of the injured nervous system is possible upon undertaking movement based learning therapy.


In terms of human development, the nervous system starts its learning process from the day we are born. In order to move, a baby will shuffle, crawl, stand, walk and run. It does not happen overnight, but takes years of learning through trial and error for the nervous system to acquire the movement patterns needed for this progression. In a single therapy session, you will replicate this by generating thousands of highly coordinated movements which can potentially start to rebuild damaged neural pathways and help relearn lost movement patterns - this is the basic principle of our therapy.

At the crux of this process is a device that provides a safe platform for the user to generate these movement patterns. All four limbs move together in a specific pattern. The device dictates how the arms, legs and trunk coordinate together, but the body has to provide the stimulus to move - it is this sequence of coordinated movements that encourages the nervous system into adapting and re-organising.

Part of the therapy process will also involve the relearning of forgotten or unstable motor functions such as walking, balance and speech.


With nervous system conditions or injuries, movements and other motor functions can become impaired and the coordinated firing of the nerve cells becomes altered. By recalibrating the firing of the nerve impulses and helping to develop new neural pathways, the nervous system could begin to re-organise itself, allowing inhibited nerve pathways to be bypassed and new channels to open.

Use of the coordinated therapy device makes the relearning of these lost movements and functions far more effective. When combined with focused rehabilitation work, you could see a marked improvement in the way your body responds.

As with all therapy programmes, we fully recommend taking advice from your consultant or doctor before starting a new training programme.


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Co-ordinated Therapies can offer:

  • Continuous therapy following initial treatment and diagnosis
  • A positive approach to managing your condition
  • Therapy option that you’re in control of
  • A risk free physical therapy that promotes healthy joint and muscle mobility
  • A variety of therapy options to suit your personal circumstances
  • Ongoing support and developing techniques.



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“We are privileged to have worked with some incredible people on their journey to health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Alex Doggett - Co-ordinated Therapies

“We understand that with many neurological conditions, it is less a case of cure, but more of a need to control. We have seen tremendous success with a wide range of conditions using our unique, highly coordinated, movement based learning therapy”

Ed Shaw - Co-ordinated Therapies