…your condition and take back the control


Some of the benefits of this type of movement based therapy include;

  • Joints can be loosened and muscles stretched whilst stimulating the reorganisation of the nervous system.
  • A whole body work-out can be completed effectively in a safe and secure way
  • It allows you to stay in constant motion while eliminating the effects of gravity
  • Your limbs and back are alternately stretched and rotated
  • It can be used by anyone easily and without fatigue.

The device is intentionally versatile. It can accommodate a wide range of users, no matter what their health status, in a safe and comfortable manner, and benefits can be seen from just a handful of sessions, without taking up too much time and energy.


How much do I have to train?

As with all things, the more time and effort you put in, the greater the results you take out. One of the benefits of this type of therapy is that it gives you some of the control back in terms of managing your condition, so it is important that you incorporate coordinated therapy into your weekly / daily routine.

As we have mentioned, we also recommend and like to see you incorporate learned movements into your training alongside use of the coordinated therapy device, this allows optimal stimulation of the nervous system allowing you to re-learn and improve basic functions such as walking.

As with all therapy programmes, we fully recommend taking advice from your consultant or doctor before starting a new training programme.


What training options are their available to me?

We have several options available including personal training, memberships, home training options and aftercare packages.

We are here to help you get the best out of the therapy option you choose. As each case and condition is different, we would like to discuss the training options with you personally in order to develop the best course for you.


We feel it is important to make sure that you are using the therapy to its full potential, therefore we have made it as easy as possible for you to keep in touch with us so we can guide you through your rehabilitation process, advising you and adjusting your program accordingly.

The aftercare package will ensure your continuing development and hopefully, together, help to manage your condition to its full potential.

If you do not live within a sustainable radius, we have different options available - please ring or email for more details.


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Co-ordinated Therapies can offer:

  • Continuous therapy following initial treatment and diagnosis
  • A positive approach to managing your condition
  • Therapy option that you’re in control of
  • A risk free physical therapy that promotes healthy joint and muscle mobility
  • A variety of therapy options to suit your personal circumstances
  • Ongoing support and developing techniques.



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“We are privileged to have worked with some incredible people on their journey to health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Alex Doggett - Co-ordinated Therapies

“We understand that with many neurological conditions, it is less a case of cure, but more of a need to control. We have seen tremendous success with a wide range of conditions using our unique, highly coordinated, movement based learning therapy”

Ed Shaw - Co-ordinated Therapies