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Many neurological conditions cause referred muscular and skeletal issues, perhaps increased tendon tension or physiological changes to your gait. One of the long term benefits of this therapy is that you are working predominantly without the effects of gravity. You are in a position where your posture and biomechanics can be precisely set, eliminating any ‘bad habits‘ that can so easily creep in to any type of rehabilitation programme.


Certain conditions such as Parkinson’s can feel a difference very quickly, sometimes after as little as one or two sessions. For others it can take longer. Whatever the condition you are working with, this is a long term therapy plan which can offer very real results.


Some of the long term benefits you could expect are;

  • Decreased risk of depression
  • Fall prevention as your balance and stability improve
  • A lower risk of injury
  • Increased mobility
  • Less joint and referred pain
  • An increased feeling of positivity
  • Increased endurance and fitness
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Improved bladder control.

Therapy plans and goals should be fluid to move with you as you progress. Whether you train at our centre or long distance from home, we are available to provide support and guidance.

If you work with Physiotherapists or Personal Trainers and already have a rehabilitation programme in place, we are always happy to work closely with other professionals to help tailor individual plans. In our experience this only serves to make any work you do with the therapy device even more effective.

As with all therapy programmes, we fully recommend taking advice from your consultant or doctor before starting a new training programme.


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Co-ordinated Therapies can offer:

  • Continuous therapy following initial treatment and diagnosis
  • A positive approach to managing your condition
  • Therapy option that you’re in control of
  • A risk free physical therapy that promotes healthy joint and muscle mobility
  • A variety of therapy options to suit your personal circumstances
  • Ongoing support and developing techniques.



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“We are privileged to have worked with some incredible people on their journey to health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Alex Doggett - Co-ordinated Therapies

“We understand that with many neurological conditions, it is less a case of cure, but more of a need to control. We have seen tremendous success with a wide range of conditions using our unique, highly coordinated, movement based learning therapy”

Ed Shaw - Co-ordinated Therapies