Parkinson's Disease

From our trials and experiences, it was clear that by repeatedly asking the nervous system to manage highly coordinated movements, neurological improvements were possible. We have since used these techniques to great effect to help manage a wide range of neurological conditions including Parkinson's Disease.

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Co-ordinated Therapies can offer:

  • Continuous therapy following initial treatment and diagnosis
  • A positive approach to managing your condition
  • Therapy option that you’re in control of
  • A risk free physical therapy that promotes healthy joint and muscle mobility
  • A variety of therapy options to suit your personal circumstances
  • Ongoing support and developing techniques.



About Us



“We are privileged to have worked with some incredible people on their journey to health, fitness and wellbeing.”

Alex Doggett - Co-ordinated Therapies

“We understand that with many neurological conditions, it is less a case of cure, but more of a need to control. We have seen tremendous success with a wide range of conditions using our unique, highly coordinated, movement based learning therapy”

Ed Shaw - Co-ordinated Therapies